“Green Building” Walk-through Tour

When: Sat. Feb. 4 – tours starting at 10:30 (9 slots remaining) and 11:00.(15 slots remaining)
What Building: The recently renovated Roman Coin Pizza and Sports Bar (former Renier’s Piano building)
Where:  Corner of 49th and Dodge Streets
Tour Guides: Architects from Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
Sponsor:  MoValley Group – Nebraska Sierra Club
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“Green Building” is one of the hottest trends in architecture, and has been the topic of several of our monthly programs.  In February, we’ll be expanding the topic to look at how architects use principles of sustainable design without necessarily seeking LEED or other ‘green’ certifications.

The former Renier’s Piano building, on the corner of 49th and Dodge Streets, has been renovated into a sports bar/pizzeria and office suites.  While not LEED or “green” certified, the renovations are an example of how sustainable design solutions can be incorporated into all projects.  As the phrase goes,  “The greenest building is the one already built.”

Please join us to discover how a local firm incorporates sustainable design in their daily practice.

Sierra Club programs are free and open to the public.  More information at sierranebraska.org

To register for a tour, click this button >>REGISTER NOW!

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